Hi! I'm Susie of Susie Talman Photography and my studio is located in the San Diego area.

First and foremost, I am a creative. I choose to express my creativity through photography. I am passionate about the work I produce and strive to capture beauty, sentiment, emotion and inspiration through my imagery.

I love the ocean, nature, animals, and capturing memories.

If you see me out and about come and say hi - I love meeting new people :)



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My number one goal is to help you preserve priceless memories. All photos are precious much more so over the years when you look back over time. I wish I had more photos of myself with my Dad..... you'd be amazed at some of the events I have been asked to capture - no two really alike.

at Susie Talman Photography every session or occasion is carefully crafted and designed to fit your unique needs. I would love to chat and find out how I can create a custom photo session for you.


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